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In compliance with current regulations in regards to electronic goods and distance selling.

Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. is the official authorised reselier of all the brands present on the website.


Company’s Information

Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c.

Viale Aldo Moro n° 132

92026 Favara (Ag) ITALY

P.I. 01474550843

TEL: +39 0922/31335    FAX: +39 0922/32468



All the information contained in this website  are in both the languages of English and Italian. By making a payment, the customer accepts all liability to all information regarding the company’s policy of sale.


Acceptance of company’s conditions of sale

By making a payment, the client accepts unconditionally. The client is also responsible to obide the rules and follow through the commitment made with . Including general conditions and those of payment. The client also declares to have observed and accepted all the contents presented. Furthermore, the application of any clauses is excluded, unless however in complies with the rules and regulations of Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c.


Obligation of the client

The general conditions of sale must be examined on line by any client visiting making a payment, no metter the method of payment (telephone, email, internet, other). The submission of the confirmation therefore implies a total understanding for conditions of general sale and their complete acceptance; previously examined and accepted throughout the acquisition process. This is why conditions of sale. The client shall purchase the products in consultation with technical descriotions and presented online. Therefore it is the only responsible choice and product suitability for purpose.



It is the responsibility and obligations of the purchaser to inquire about specific compatibility than willing to buy with their needs. The acquirer, in relation to the above, will indemnify and be held harmless from any damages Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. orclaim for any direct or indirect caused of tools are not part of the sale.

Given the specificity, subjectivity and the variety of finishing/polishing, samples of all proposed or requested by the purchaser, the latter shall undertake not to exercise the right of withdrawall if the delivery had to find deviations from the published images indicative on the site, in the colours and shades of finishing/polishing made.



Placing an order form

The acquisition was made by the customer and is related to the products available as illustrated and described on line and techniques in their respective pages (images are approximate).

All product prices are VAT inclusive except where explicitly stated otherwise.

For a delivery in Europe, prices include VAT appropriate to the day of order. No other tax will be added at customs or VAT for a delivery in Europe.

Whatever tax changes may occur at any time, may have an affect on prices of products in the catalogue.

For a delivery outside of Europe, the client will have to settle the customs duty tax imposed. Vat or other taxes which may be imposed in order to deliver the product.

The customer is also solely responsible for the formalities related, unless otherwise specified. The client is the only person responsible for verifying the delivery and the possibility of delivering in the client’s territory.



The client has the responsibility to pay the total price (prices of products and shipping costs) as requested on the website or have someone pay for the customs duties, the VAT or any other taxes due to the import of products in the country of delivery. Directly to its destination. Payment for the products purchased and the shipping will be paid by the customer with these modes: Credit card, Pay pal or bank transfer.

(The various payment methods will be explained during the payment phase).

The bank transfer must be received by 10 working days from the order. After that date the order will be regarded as void. The goods will be dispatched only after having verified the credit at our c/c transfer. The client agrees to provide the exact details of the intended shipping address and billing information. In case of wrong delivery of such data, any and all additional costs of recovery and return shall be liability of the client.


Delivery of Products

Products purchased will be delivered by Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. at the address indicated by the customer as a destination address.

The choice of the various modes of transport will be made by the customer at the time of purchase.

The goods are properly packed for travel expense and risk of the purchaser from the time of delivery to the carrier. Therefore, recommends that upon delivery the customer verifies the condition of packages immediately.

In case of delays, accidents, total or partial loss or other problems, it is up to the customer to inform the carrier, without it being the responsibility of

Therefore, at the point of delivery, recommends the customer to check on the condition of the delivered googs before signing the acknowledgement of receipt for the package.

In the event of the customer’s absence at the time of the delivery, the carrier will leave a delivery notice at the delivery address given by the customer. The products shall be collected at the address indicated by the carrier and according to the carrier’s instructions.

It after the period indicated by the carrier, the customer has not collected the products, the products will be returned to Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c., which reserves its right to refund to the customer the price of the products. However the postage costs will be hability of the customer.



Right of withdrawal

Within 10 working days of delivery of your order, the customer has the right to withdraw, at his/her own expense, with the possibility of exchange or refund goods which do not comply with Article 64 of the Consumer Code.

If this time limit was to expire on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday or nonworking, it will be extended until the first following working day.

The product must be returned in its original packaging. It should not have been used, or have suffered damage even minimal, but should however be in a state of perfect cleanliness.

This right of withdrawal is exercised without maximum, 30 days of receipt of the returned product to Will the client then receive a refund of the sums paid. Hence why he/she will communicate to, their bank account details. Return cost are the sole responsibility of the client. Upon receipt will examine the goods to verify the existence of any damages (the substantial integrity is an essential condition for the exercise of the right of withdrawal).

Attention: all postage and packaging for returning goods are charged to the customer (as provided by art. 67 3 paragraph of Legislative Decree n. 206 of 06/09/05).

Otherwise specified, the address at which the consumer must return the goods: Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. – 92026 – Favara (AG) – Italy.

The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal for delivery contracts goods produced to order, “made to specifications or clearly personalized”: most of our product catalogue is part of this series, for more information, please contact customer service.



The replacement of the defective or damaged in shipping requires time just below or even equal to production since it is almost always produced to order. The practice of substitution will be initiated as soon as we receive the photographic record from the customer, which must be received in the period immediately following delivery. Any replacement product will not be made to order if the buyer seeks to rely deviations from the colors and/or published on the Site shades of fabrics, leather, metal, wood, glass and stone.

Our commintment will still operate with the utmost speed in order to reduce waiting times.


Returning faulty goods or damaged

In case of defective goods, the same will be returned to Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. within 7 days after delivery.

The postage and packaging for return shipment shall be the liability of client. Defective merchandise will be returned or refunded.

Should the customer receive the packages visibly damaged by the carrier and/or carrier, (broken or visibly damaged packaging) will proceed as follows:

-          if it is more packages, dismiss the damaged package to the sender. It will then be our responsibility to contact the customer and arrange replacement and/or refund;

-          if it is shipment from a single package, reject the shipment to the sender and the first will then be our responsibility to contact the customer and arrange replacement and/or refund.

In the event of exhaustion of the broken product, the customer will be contacted for a possible replacement item of equal value and features available, or alternatively for the return of monies paid.



Warranty-Technical assistance

Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. guarantees the physical integrity of the product up to the moment of delivery.

Any defects covered by the warranty Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. must be reported by the client, subject to revocation, no later than 10 (ten) days from the date of delivery. For practicality of the warranty, Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c., the client will be entitied to the replacement of products damaged upon return of the same, being excluded the right of the client to compensation for any further damage. The delivery costs necessary for covering the substitution product is the liability of Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c.

Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. does not provide any guarantee on the products, additional, to that provided by individual producers.

Technical support and warranty work on the products are made, where applicable, by the individual producers, according to the terms and conditions set out in the documentation provided with the products.

In particular, Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. does not give any guarantee on the compatibilità of products with other products or equipment used by the custode, nor does it give any guarantee regarding the suitability of products for the specific use intended by the custode.



Information art. 13 Leg. 196/2003 the processing of personal data for users of the site:

Pursuant to Legislative Dcree of June 20 2003, n.196,  Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. holder of the domain is committed to protecting your privacy. This document describes the information privacy mechanisms for collecting and processing of personal data adopted by site (hereinafter the “Site”). By accessing the Site you are consenting to the collection and processing of personal data, according to the procedures described in this Privacy Policy. This information only applies to

This statement is prompted by Recommendation no. 2/2001 that the European authorities for the protection of personal data gathered by the Group established. 29 of Directive n.95/46/EC, adopted on May 17 2001 to establish minimum requirements for collecting personal data online, and in particular the manner, timing and nature of the information that data controllers must supply users when they connect to web pages, regardless of the purpose of the link. Processing connections to web services of this site are at the Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. and the contents are maintained by employees of Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. No data from the web service is disclosed to third parties. The personal information provided by users who request services are used only to perform the service or provision requested and not disclosed to third parties unless disclosure is required by law or is necessary for the performance of requests. Acquiring the customer accepts these conditions and takes Arredamenti Schembri Arturo & Figli s.n.c. free from any claim of retaliation or detailed instruction.



In case of a dispute, and in the absence of an amicable settlement reached between the parties, subject to any applicable mandatory provisions of law for the protection of consumers (as defined pursuant to Article 1 letter b) of Legislative Decree 22 May 1999 n.185), any dispute related to these terms and Conditions, will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Agrigento. Pursuament to and for the purposes of Articles 1341 and 1342 if the Civil Code. The customer deckares to have carefully read, understood and agree to its various parts.


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